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The Master Your Metabolism: What You Can Eat

Working through a three stage process, Master Your Metabolism first replaces the highly processed foods that contain preservatives and chemical additives with whole, natural foods that are selected for their fat-burning properties that help to restore balance to your hormones.

The first part of the theory is to understand that there are foods that work in harmony with your body’s nutritional needs and those that don’t. Shopping for the Master Your Metabolism begins by shopping for the suggested foods to eat. By removing the foods that work against the healthy functioning of the body you can begin to restore balance to your system which will result in weight loss.

It’s not just the chemicals in the food that are a problem: dieters are also encouraged to remove toxic chemicals used for cleaning their homes as these affect their environment and in turn their health.

Understanding The Medifast Diet

Master Your Metabolism is not light reading material; there is an abundance of technical medical terms used to discuss the endocrine system and metabolism. Unless the reader is familiar with the sciences to a great extent, the references to biochemistry may be overwhelming. The menu plans are best used as a template for healthy eating and in consideration of your daily activity level, gender, age and overall physical condition.

Diet And Fitness

Part of the long term maintenance program for any successful weight loss plan is behavior modification not demonizing certain foods. Dieters need to understand the impact of highly processed food on their body from a nutritional point of view; the amount of trans or saturated fat, sodium and sugar in these food items and how these affect their health. In addition, some of the processing of foods is necessary to ensure proper consumption; whole grains used for bread as well as canned or frozen fruits and vegetables are prime examples.


What Experts Say About The Master Your Metabolism

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The Theory Behind The Master Your Metabolism

The second part of the Master Your Metabolism plan teaches dieters how to use nutrition to bring their state of health to higher level.

The last part of the plan provides guidance on rebalancing your metabolism to increase the amount of fat removed from your body. These down to earth strategies include eating small meals frequently, avoiding eating 3 hours before bed, including protein, carbs and healthy fats with every meal and snack.

Experts agree that a healthy, portion controlled, reduced calorie diet along with increase physical activity is the basis for weight loss. But they point to the lack of scientific research to support the author’s claim that environmental toxins, pesticides or artificial ingredients in foods contributes to weight gain.

The health experts also disagree with labeling hormones as friendly or unfriendly; they simply respond to your dietary intake and physical activity. When a person is physically inactive, it is much easier to gain weight and without physical activity even reducing calories will not result in the same level of weight loss as when exercise is included.