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Natures Smile Treatment Method For Gum Recession

The Gum Recession is manifested by a detachment of the gums exposing the tooth root and causing discomfort. There are many other gum diseases such as periodontal disease. Although the Gum Recession usually occurs at a higher age, more and more young people are affected by this disease.

The periodontal disease, also known as Gum disease, is a bacterial disease that causes oral inflammation and bleeding gums. Usually, is caused by food remains trapped between the teeth and subsequently lead to the formation of dental plaque.

What are the causes of Gum recession?

In the first stage of gum disease, damage can be reversed, because the bone and connective tissue that hold teeth in place are not yet affected. However, if left untreated, Gum disease can cause Gum Recession and subsequently become periodontitis and cause permanent damage to the teeth.

The disorder is caused by aggressive brushing effects or inadequate or poor oral hygiene, which leads to the buildup of plaque and tartar around the teeth, causing detachment of the Gum. However, the Gum Recession may also be caused by periodontal disease. Sometimes the appearance of gum recession is not even attributable to patient behavior. For instance, there are cases in which the structure of the mouth predisposes to suffer Gum Recession.

Three out of four adults have some amount of Gum recession, but in most cases do not cause pain and is not given importance.

Sometimes the Gum Recession can be diagnosed at first glance but is usually identified with a thorough inspection.

Among the main factors that could cause receding gums include:

• Progression of periodontal disease

• The development of Gum inflammation

• Genetic predisposition to periodontal disease

• Massive deposits of plaque in the Gum

• Bad habits, such as clenching your gums with a hard object: pencil, nails, etc.

• Direct injury

• Physiological factors: the eruption disorders tooth individually, poor muscle attachments, etc.

• Impact of food with direct action

• Extra brushing

• Wrong use of dental floss or toothpicks

• Some surgeries

The appearance of the Gum Recession in aged patients is considered physiological.

Signs and symptoms of Gum Recession

Gum Recession may be accompanied by:

• Exposing the roots of teeth

• Bleeding gums on brushing

• Chronic bad breath

• Tooth movement and even tooth loss

• Dental pain

• Sensitivity to contact during chewing, especially hot or cold food, breathing cold air.

• Difficulty in brushing

• Increased risk of caries in sensitive areas and the appearance of Gum disease

Treatment For Gum Recession

To prevent gum recession, you must understand that this is caused by a combination of different factors. Here are some very successful methods to reverse receding gum line.

Brush your teeth with Natures Smile Gum Balm.

Brush your teeth with 100% organic Natures Smile gum Balm to prevent gum disease and gum recession.

Modified Bass technique;

The best technique of brushing is modified Bass technique. This method allows the bristles reach a millimeter below the gum line and removes the plaque formed there. Moreover, not produce gum injury, but the massage.

Rinse your mouth with Natures Smile Oral Rinse: Put a tbsp of Natures Smile Gum oral rinse, rinse it for several minutes and then spit it out. Do this more than once per day to cure inflammation of your gums.

It is recommended that this method is used before the onset of receding gums, being efficient to prevent gum disease and stop receding gums. The method has no side effects.

Floss daily.

The flossing should go hand in hand with brushing. Its use removes plaque bristles of your toothbrush could not reach.

For effective use of dental floss, cut a piece of dental floss, long from the tip of your finger to the elbow, and wrap both ends around your middle fingers. Leave 2.50 cm (one-inch thread) with which you can work.

Starting with the back teeth, slide the floss, gently between the teeth with the help of your index fingers. Avoid forcing the thread; you can cause injury to your gums.

Repeat the same procedure for all teeth, always taking care not to damage your gums.

Make changes in your lifestyle

Stop Smoking- Studies have shown that smoking can cause many serious health problems in general. You can also produce a variety of dental problems, one of which is receding gums.

Snuff smoke damages the mucous membrane of the gums, causing gum recession.

Do not get piercings in the mouth- The metal jewelry placed inside the mouth, cause not only problems with your teeth but also damage the gums.

The jewel of the tongue or lip tends to hit the gums, and the trauma caused by this repeatedly leads eventually to suffering from gum recession. If, despite this, you decide to get a piercing in the mouth, make sure the piercing shop is in excellent health conditions.

Keeping your dental hygiene

Understand how dental hygiene can prevent your gums to recede. Practicing good oral hygiene can prevent gum disease caused by plaque and another gum disease because it keeps gums and teeth free of bacteria. Maintaining good oral hygiene requires regular visits to the dentist for a professional cleaning accompanied by cash brushing teeth and flossing at home.