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In addition to the meal-replacement products that are purchased online, there is also support for dieters on the Medifast Diet web site in the form of exercise guides, community forums, nutritional information and personal trainers along with registered dietitians who counsel dieters via telephone, in person or online

The basic formula for losing weight boils down to a game of numbers; in order to lose weight you must reduce your calorie intake sufficiently. Although the Medifast Diet plan features an extremely low daily calorie intake, it also helps dieters to manage hunger by creating their meal replacement formula to have the highest percentage of fiber and protein within the number of calories allowed.

Understanding The Medifast Diet

Master Your Metabolism is not light reading material; there is an abundance of technical medical terms used to discuss the endocrine system and metabolism. Unless the reader is familiar with the sciences to a great extent, the references to biochemistry may be overwhelming. The menu plans are best used as a template for healthy eating and in consideration of your daily activity level, gender, age and overall physical condition.

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The Medifast Diet helps people to successfully lose weight with the intake of a protein meal every few hours to keep their blood sugar levels under control, stimulate the fat-burning process and reduce hunger and cravings while at the same time, preserving the muscle mass that dieters lose on poorly designed “quick fix” diets. This strategy makes it easier for dieters to stick with the plan until they reach their weight loss goal.

While many health experts agree with the philosophy, they are concerned that many dieters will have a difficult time adjusting to the low calorie meal plan. The possible side effects from starting this diet include headaches, light-headedness, tiredness, irritability and hunger pains until the body reaches its fat-burning point.

When dieters reach their weight loss goal, depending on the amount of weight that was lost, they have a 4-16 week transition phase to the maintenance level where other foods are gradually re-introduced into the daily meals. These include more lean protein, whole grains, non-fat or low-fat dairy products, fruits and high-carb vegetables.

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The Medifast Diet is a low-carb, high-protein plan based on an average 800 to 1,000 daily calorie allowance that is designed to help dieters lose 2-5 pounds per week without the loss of muscle mass. The amount of weight loss in the beginning of the program is usually the greatest and as dieters progress through the program their weight loss will vary depending on the total amount of weight to be lost and the level of physical exercise the dieter does.

The Medifast Diet program can be tailored to suit individuals with special health conditions such as gout, or who have undergone weight loss surgery as well as senior citizens, lactating mothers and teenagers. The weekly cost of the meal replacements is approximately $80 which does not include the daily meal that dieters prepare for themselves, but no additional supplements are needed to support the dieter’s nutritional needs.

Final Thoughts On The Master Your Metabolism

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